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The modern gambling industry is growing day by day. According to Statista, from 2021 to 2022, the size of the casino and online gambling market has increased by 26%, or $54.57 billion.

So, with the competition being so fierce, many gambling businesses turn to consultancies to delegate some responsibilities. Such companies also help gambling operators reach their tactical and strategic goals, grow their businesses, and even open a new brand.

In this article, we will look at one of the most prominent iGaming and betting consultancies in 2023 – Jambling Club. The service helps gambling brands improve their performance in any area imaginable – client retention, marketing optimization, recruiting, investing, analytics, and more. Keep reading to learn about their services, team, and expertise.

About the consultancy

Jambling Club has been in the market for several years now. The company offers consulting services to businesses of any level in online gambling and betting. Jambling Club’s products can be a perfect fit for both experienced iGaming ops and those just entering the online gambling sphere. Some of their biggest clients in affiliate marketing and retention matters are Mr. Bet, Kazaboom, and 7bit Partners.

Jambling Club’s clients are often non-core investors needing specialized support in the IT sector and the gambling vertical. It is essential to understand that online gambling primarily belongs to the IT industry.

Non-profile investors often rely on managerial skills to compensate for a lack of experience in a specific area. In Jambling Club’s practice, there were cases when an investor was ready to give money literally to the first platform that caught their eye and already made the first payment without paying attention to the absence of the countries of their interest in the provider’s list.

It turns out that when selling the offer, the manager ignored the customer’s plans as they were to launch their operations in three-four months, and the manager needed to sell right now. Most of the substantial affiliates thought about launching their brand at least once, and really, why give the operator a share of your traffic? With such clients, Jambling Club can launch as quickly as possible; they know the desired GEOs to work with and understand the desired marketing costs.

Jambling Club Team

The Jambling Club team comprises experts with over 10 years of experience with gambling products. Highly skilled business analytics, UI/UX professionals, SEO specialists, creative writers, gambling traffic specialists, fantasists, and lawyers all work to make your iGaming brand stand out and achieve the highest results.

Key Services

Jambling Club helps iGaming providers and operators optimize such aspects as:

  • Platform selection. There are dozens of online casino platforms and CRMs that ops can choose for their gambling websites. Jambling Club makes a choice easier as they work with top-notch platforms in iGaming. Every client will get a tailored solution perfect for their brand;
  • Payment systems and GEO. After picking a suitable iGaming platform provider, ops often lack a specific GEO or payment method that is in demand among their clients. Jambling Club comes to the rescue and offers to add any region or banking option you need;
  • Marketing services. Acquiring and driving new clients to the casino or betting platform is the key to the iGaming brand’s success and profitability. Jambling Club collaborates with a number of affiliate marketers, webmasters, and affiliate programs to ensure their clients get the best quality of traffic;
  • Retention. Making new clients your loyal customers is every business’s dream. Jambling Club offers help in this field as well. Clients can order a tailored CRM system, mailing lists, bonus system setup, customer  service improvements, etc.;
  • Recruiting. The company helps iGaming ops find and hire professionals to skyrocket your business results.

If you’re just thinking about starting an iGaming business or looking for personalized solutions to grow your brand, Jambling Club is a one-stop shop. The company’s expertise will help make your gambling business even more profitable.

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