Exclusive: Casimba Gaming CEO Dersim Sylwan discusses new merger 

Previously, Whitezip was an operator and Markor Technology was a B2B technology provider. The two have now come together to form a newly merged company – Casimba Gaming – in an effort to further expand into more regulated markets. Sylwan will lead this new organisation. 

How did the merger come about?  

Since we share the same owners already, there have been many kinds of mutual touch points between Whitezip and Markor Technology over the years.   

Whitezip has previously launched two brands on the Markor technology platform and we have been working closely together on both of those brands, but also on several other key areas of our businesses.  

So although the partnership has been great, there has always been that kind of feeling that we’re not completely aligned in sharing the same goals, which I think is fundamental to be truly successful. By merging the businesses we will now be completely aligned, coming together as one company with mutual goals and objectives, while also improving scalability and output. 

What will the merger offer its customers?  

From an operator point of view, I believe our players and consumers will benefit from the strong platform and product offering that Markor Technology brings. So while we are already working with external platforms at Whitezip – and that is something that is working well and that we will continue to do – our own in-house platform now gives us extra possibilities. We can develop key features that we know our customer wants and a lot of flexibility in entering new markets, or launching new brands and so on.  

From a platform and B2B point of view, we believe for the same reasons that the platform will improve, but also now that we are able to offer white-label clients the very strong in-house marketing and affiliate programmes the Whitezip team has; which we think should be very attractive.  

What would you say differs Casimba Gaming from other competitors in the market? 

Considering our annual revenues are close to €100m ($108m), we are still quite a small and agile team; and I think all our teams are specialists with a strong operational mindset.  

This means we stay super close to the data points, and we try to run a very cost efficient and customer-oriented business within both B2C and B2B. Hopefully that is something the market will appreciate as those areas I think are more important than ever nowadays.  

How do you go about sourcing those high-level, experienced employees to keep up with the quality of the business? 

We have been around both Whitezip people and Markor Technology people  for quite some years now and we have built up – I would say – good brands in the UK, Gibraltar and in Malta.  

We have been able to attract very good marketing, product and tech over the years. Our culture, especially with Casimba Gaming now, but both previously Whitezip and Markor Technology, has been very much a small, family-oriented business. Everyone really works hard and there’s not too much corporate culture, but rather you get your hands dirty and get it done. It’s a mindset that is entrepreneurial, in that sense.  

How has your role changed from being the CEO of Whitezip to now becoming the CEO of Casimba Gaming?  

This merger gives us plenty of opportunities, but more important right now for me is to ensure we have a clear focus, considering there are so many opportunities and so many things we need to do.  

I would say I currently spend more time on setting the longer term strategic path for us,  while also ensuring the merger is successful from an operational and cultural point of view. So far, so good, but it’s a complex process.  

But I want to say a huge thanks to the great management team, staff and organisation. It’s going fairly well so far. 

What would you say your responsibilities are now with Casimba vs Whitezip

I would say both setting up the long-term strategy but also from a more technical, short- term point of view, make sure we deliver on the targets we have set up.  

Of course, now an important part is to complete the merger, which takes some time, as there are so many different moving parts of that. But we are trying now to make sure we build the market- leading positions both within B2C and B2B in our key markets and regions.  

How long do you think it will take to complete the merger?  

I think we’re looking for something between six to 12 months to be fully completed. Whereas now, after just a couple of months, I would say most of the operational and certain parts of our work is already done. But up to one year is what we’re seeing in front of us.  

Lastly, where do you see Casimba Gaming in the next five years?  

I see Casimba Gaming continuing to be a leading operator in regions such as the Nordics, UK and Canada, while also having expanded into new regulated markets in regions such as Latin America and key markets in Europe.  

On top of that, we have a unique aggregator and a B2B white- label platform offering where we have a unique kind of package with customers, licences and certifications across all continents in the world, so we’re a global presence.  

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